Fully-Integrated Thermoformed Component Parts Services

Our People

Panoramic Innovative Packaging believes that delivering excellence starts and ends with experienced and innovative professionals. We are dedicated to hiring and developing the best professionals available to us. And our work reflects this commitment.

Thermoformed Component Design and Engineering

Our designers and engineers not only have years of experience in their respective fields, but years of practical experience working in the field of component parts and thermoformed plastic products. The chief benefit to our customers is that there are very few challenges (whether design, engineering or material-related) that someone on our staff hasn't faced and successfully overcome. And since we rely on and communicate frequently with one another in order to grow professionally, one person's experiential knowledge can be leveraged by anyone on our team for the maximum benefit of our customers. The real-world experience our team of professionals brings to the table is considerable. And when coupled with our culture of ongoing training and education, our inter-disciplinary training initiatives, and our broader participation as innovative industry-leaders, you can be confident that when you are working with Panoramic you are working with the very best. No requirements are too exacting. No part is too intricate.

  • Component Design
  • Exact-Tolerance Engineering
  • 3-D Component Renderings
  • Component Prototyping

But unlike most design and engineering-only shops, our Fully-Integrated services extend into actual production of the thermoformed components and parts we design. So, our commitment to your job doesn't have to stop with top-shelf design deliverables. It can proceed straight from the design and prototyping phase into actual production. And no matter how large or small the volume, no matter how exacting the tolerances, the materials, or the intricacy of the cutting necessary, each job continues in the hands of extremely capable and expert Panoramic professionals. We have the capabilities to provide all related services "in-house.

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Tooling
  • Engraved Tooling
  • Assembly

Our Processes and Technology

While our ability to meet and exceed expectations begins with exceptional professionals, it is also a function our fundamental dedication to continual process improvement, cycle-time reduction, operations efficiency maximization, intensive best-practices, as well as our commitment to employing the best technologies available.

Your Dedicated Team

We are dedicated to providing the very highest quality in professional engineering, design, milling, cutting, and assembly services. We are dedicated to rapid-response delivery and customer care. We are dedicated to leveraging every efficiency (ie. direct feeds from our 3-D prototyping software to our CAD/CAM machinery saves programming time and lowers tooling costs) possible and passing those cost-savings to each Client. We are dedicated to advising our Clients on suitability for the most cost efficient part and tool design. We are dedicated to turning your vision into reality. We are Panoramic.