Design, Engineering & Tooling

Thermoformed Part, Component and Container Design | Engineering | Tooling

Winning Teams Produce Winning Designs - Our in-house design and engineering teams combine real-world manufacturing experience and know-how with innovative thinking and problem-solving. Each of our top-gun professionals is fluent in the latest technologies and process best-practices. Their mission is to consult, advise, and ultimately produce the very finest work available in today's marketplace. Their skills are many and their many successes are tangible.

Part, Component and Container Design / Development

  • Solid Modeling (CAD) / Virtual Renderings
  • Graphic Design Capabilities
  • Exact-Tolerance Engineering
  • 3-D Component Renderings
  • Design Consultations

Part, Component and Container Samples / Prototypes

  • CNC Machined Prototypes
  • 3-D Prototyping
  • Small Run Sample / Sample Production Runs
  • Rapid Response Delivery

Thermoformed Part and Component Tooling

  • Full Service / In-house Milling
  • Engraved Tooling
  • Precision CNC Milling
  • Steel Rule and Match Metal Die Capability