Hinged Clamshells

High-Quality Stock Food Containers

Panoramic has a variety of Hinged Clamshell containers. We can provide containers to hold anything from bakery to deli to fresh herbs. Our containers are designed for cookies, donuts, muffins, cupcakes and rolls. Each come in many size and shape options. Most of the containers feature Perimeter Fresh™ Snap Closure that locks in freshness. The S-shaped design of this closure system insures and easy, slip-in snap that securely locks upon closure.

Unmatched Variety and Quality

Panoramic Innovative Packaging offers an expansive catalog of top-quality plastic food containers and stock food containers designed to meet a wide array of container needs. Containers are available in a broad spectrum of colors, materials, weights, and dimensions.

Ask us about our full-suite of 100% Biodegradable Food Packaging options - BioPAKĀ® PET containers.

Quick Delivery with a Smile? No Problem

For rapid delivery contact our Customer Care Team. They'll be happy to get your order together, processed, and shipped as quickly as possible. And you'll get a small taste of our impeccable service!

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