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Custom Packaging

Whatever PETE containers you need, Panoramic’s experienced designers, engineers, and tooling technicians can get them to you fast and cost-effectively.

How Custom Packaging Works

Innovative Team

Our team of experienced and exceptional professionals has a proven track record of success working with companies with incredibly diverse marketplace demands. We love a challenge. We thrive on defending our reputation as the best thermoformed parts design, engineering, and manufacturing firm in the business.

Innovative Best Practices

Our quality system controls the entire packaging life cycle from design to production, ensuring against missteps and maximizing efficiencies and cost savings. We've got it down to a science. High scores achieved on our AIB audits further ensure that we are committed to providing safe, high-quality food packaging.

Innovative Packaging

If you can conceive of it, we can design, engineer, and manufacture it! No matter the exact tolerances, material composition, colors, order size, or intricacy needed, we won't just meet your needs... we will exceed them.

We are committed to continual process improvement – we never rest.

vegetables cup

Custom Containers

Whatever kind of containers you need, our experienced designers, engineers, and tooling technicians can get them to you quickly and cost-effectively. Our thermoformed plastic parts will fill the order on time and within budget.


In-process trays

Hinged Clamshells for many foods

Platters & lids

Unique shapes and sizes

The Panoramic design and engineering staff have years of experience working with our customers.

Providing cost-effective solutions for thermoformed plastic parts.  Our ability to combine our expertise with your specific design requirements makes the plastic thermoforming process the ideal option for your business.

Our vast expertise allows us to advise our customers on how to optimize part and tool design. Our 3-D prototyping assures accurate conversion and a direct feed to our CAD/CAM machinery, saving programming time and lowering tooling costs.

We offer superior 3-D product designs engineered to exact tolerances on in-house CNC milling and tooling. Prototyping of unique shapes or designs and the production of custom-engraved company logos enhance the customers’ brand.

Panoramic uses only high-grade, FDA-compliant polyethylene terephthalate (PETE #1), the most widely recycled plastic material.

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