Panoramic Packaging is a leading provider of thermoformed rigid plastic products, ranging from food containers to WIP Plastic Trays. We offer a broad array of in-stock "stock line" package solutions, as well as full-service custom package design and engineering expertise.


We believe that happy customers are the best customers. We take great pride in delivering spot-on solutions each and every engagement: in not only meeting, but exceeding, even the most demanding specifications. But it's not just our ability to perform day-in-and-day-out in the realms of engineering and production that keep our customers coming back for more. It is the fact that we don't just say we value our customers... we demonstrate it at every turn. Whether you choose us for a relatively small order or a massive job, we are absolutely committed...read more



Panoramic To Attend Upcoming Shows/Meetings

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7.5" Film Seal Bowl with Tray and Lid - 206-120190, 204-120191, 205-130211

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New Products From Panoramic!

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7" Film Seal Bowl with Insert and Lid - 206-120198, 204-130054, 205-130208

Our 7” Film Seal Bowl is perfect for that salad on the go. Pair it with the 7” 4-Cell Inse... read more
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